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Securecheck360 is a national and global provider of employment background screening solutions for companies across the globe. We help companies address employment background screening challenges by being a single-source solution for helping to detect potential risks in critical areas such as employment screening, extended workforce screening and institutional admissions. Due to constant shifting in hiring laws and regulations and the ongoing concern of liability, HR leaders are challenged with managing risk and reputation while driving the hiring process with efficiency and accuracy.

We recognize that including an effective pre-employment screening program as part of a comprehensive risk mitigation plan is integral to the success, safety and efficiency of any company. From routine background checks to more specialized searches, our services can be tailored to meet the needs of almost any organization. As a testament to our global capabilities thousands of organizations worldwide, from small businesses to Fortune 500s, rely on Securecheck360 for their screening needs.

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  • Our client base covers a diverse spectrum of industries and includes businesses of all sizes. Our customer-focused culture and award-winning support teams empower clients to hire and retain the best talent and provide positive experiences for candidates and employees.
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  • Our background screening services are designed to provide workplace safety, allow you to make informed hiring decisions while minimizing legal exposure.
  • Our extensive array of quality screening reports can be requested or received 24/7 on our Web-based system. We believe in having a close working relationship with our clients and work as an extension of your office.
  • Our primary focus is to provide fast and accurate pre/post employment background screening services. We focus on empowering HR Professional with the right tools to make the perfect hiring decision. Our online system allows you to request and view your results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We provide the most accurate, customized, and expeditious background screening services. We focus on essential personnel and talent selection processes, done in accordance with existing federal and state laws and better business practices.Through expert guidance and support we will empower our clients to make their best business decisions.
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We provide our clients with both cutting edge, top of the line background screening technology, and personalized support and service. This 360 degree support system is the foundation of our client relationships.




Looking for a background check service? It's better to be safe than sorry when hiring new employees: You probably have a lot riding on the success of your business, so bringing in the wrong person can have some pretty grave consequences.

This is where we come in

We provide our clients with both cutting edge, top of the line background screening technology, and personalized support and service. This 360 degree support system is the foundation of our client relationships. Our goal is to provide the highest turnaround times, the strongest customer service, and the most accurate information available in background screening.

From criminal records checks to education and employment verification; for entry-level employees or high-level executives; with vast experience in a multitude of industries – SecureCheck360 is a full service background screening provider.



It’s no secret that substance abusers are less productive, error prone, have increased absenteeisms, are a workplace safety threat and are more likely to file Workers' Compensation claims.

SecureCheck360 combines state-of-the-art drug testing methodologies with forensic-quality expertise to ensure accurate results and superior service and support. Because every workplace is different, SecureCheck360 offers a multiple forms of substance abuse testing options to meet your specific requirements. From how we test to what we test for, SecureCheck360 can craft the ideal drug testing program specific to your organization.

SecureCheck360 works with organizations of all types and sizes to assist them in designing customized, cost-effective, and accurate employee drug testing programs. You have specific requirements that need to be satisfied and important drug screening regulations that govern your industry. SecureCheck360 understands what's required and can help you maintain compliance and employ best practices in your drug screening efforts.

Electronic 1-9 & E-Verify


The number of audits from ICE has increased dramatically, and most businesses are not completely convinced their I-9 process is compliant.

Take the guesswork out of your I-9 collection and storage and avoid costly fines from ICE. Our completely automated I-9 solution, which provides multiple ordering options, validation technology, expiration notices, an auto purge feature, and PDF storage, minimizes the risk of incomplete or erroneous I-9 forms. Stringent, consistent measures help your business avoid I-9 errors and subsequent fines from ICE.

SecureCheck360 I-9 Solution satisfies U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements related to the electronic creation, signature, retention and security of the Form I-9. This paperless process enables you to create, view, download, store and print the Form I-9, as well as run management reports on-demand. Built-in tools such as automated error checking help you complete forms accurately and promote compliance.

International Verification


Today, the talent pool is increasingly international and more organizations have multinational operations. International background checks are an important part of a thorough, comprehensive background check. SecureCheck360 recommends that employers run international criminal checks when considering

Applicants from abroad or applicants who have recently come to the U.S.

U.S. citizens who have worked or been educated abroad.

Foreign nationals for a position in their home country.

From call center employees in the Philippines, software developers in India and security & reconstruction workers in the Middle East, multinational HR departments are demanding more efficient and effective ways to bring on people and partners. SecureCheck360 is ready to help companies with their global background screening.

Vendor Managment

Vendor Managment

As companies lean harder on their service organizations for decreased costs, increased revenues and competitive advantage, more and more are migrating to a complex ecosystem of people, parts and information. As a result, outsourcing is becoming a popular trend for reasons such as an increased need for wider geographic service coverage, mandates to improve service profitability, escalating field service labor costs, seasonality of service business, increasing areas of low-density product installations, competitive pressures and many others.

SecureCheck360 Management solution enables you to manage your vendors and third party service providers with a robust, secure and unified platform. This portal can now serve as your single point of information for all full-time and out-sourced stakeholders. As a result you will have the necessary level of upstream and downstream visibility and accountability that is a critical stepping stone to better service network automation and optimization. Whether that third party is an external service agent or a vendor that supplies parts, you will now be able to track and manage all of the parties that participate in your service supply chain. Your vendors and external service agents (SAs) will have access to a secure portal that allows them to enter, update and view pertinent information as it relates to a service order and logistics and reverse logistics functions. At the click of a mouse, you will be able to interconnect your entire service lifecycle ecosystem to eliminate redundant processes and drive ongoing efficiencies. Additionally, you will benefit by increased visibility, collaboration and communication.


Tenant Screening

Just looking at an applicants' credit report doesn't tell the whole story. Property management entails quite a bit of time constraints, so you should know right away if a prospective tenant is a best fit for your rental property. Tenant Screening provides essential services so that you can minimize or eliminate bad debt risks, property damage and any other unpredictable incidents by having your prospective tenants screened and qualified before they move in.

You need to find tenants who will pay their rent on time, be respectful of their neighbors and properly maintain your property. In challenging economic times and with eviction rates soaring, property owners and managers must screen their tenant applicants carefully.

Our comprehensive background check service and solution offerings are designed to give you exactly the information you need — in a timely and cost-effective fashion — to ensure your property is fully safeguarded and your tenant is worthy of renting from you, let us help you meet your important objectives. View our comprehensive Tenant Screening program here that includes.

Tenant Credit Screening

Eviction History

Tenant History Report




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SecureCheck360 is a leading provider of background screening services, backed by over 18 years of experience in the industry. Shaped by former FBI agents, SecureCheck360 was formed to offer flexible, tailored employment screening solutions.



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  • FCRA Guidelines for Employers
  • FTC's Revised Tips for Job Applicants and Employees
  • Notice to Users of Consumer Reports
  • Notice to Users of Consumer Reports - Obligations of Users Under the FCRA


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HR Management

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Motor Vehicle/Transportation

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Rules and Regulations
  • Department of Transportation Drug Testing Guidelines
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  • A Summary of Your Rights under FCRA
  • Consumer Information Privacy Policy
  • Disposing of Consumer Report Information
  • Authorization Form
  • Driver's Privacy Protection Act
  • FACT Act Summary
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Guidelines
  • Remedying the Effects of Identity Theft
    Our comprehensive approach and attention to detail produces thorough and accurate reports that meet the unique needs of each client.



    Pre-Employment screening is critical to ensuring the integrity of the workforce and maintaining the welfare of the residents. Providers of nurse and health care often have unsupervised access to vulnerable people and their possessions.

    SECURECHECK360 understands hiring objectives, challenges and governing requirements healthcare organizations face. Our healthcare screening package(s) and employment background checks will ensure that your organization is in compliance with State and Federal laws and JCAHO standards.

    We offer a full range of services that verify an individual’s background, including searches of Health Care Sanctions, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Medical License/Credentials verifications, Office of Inspector General (OIG), National Practitioners Data Bank (NPDB), and Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (HIPDB).

    Our expertise extends beyond our healthcare background screening products. With active involvement in the healthcare industry, you can be assured our background check products fit the specific requirements governed by your industry. View our best practices to find the latest information including blogs, podcasts and compliance.

    Our on-going participation in health care trade shows and associations helps us better support and understand your industry.


    Hospitality companies can be highly vulnerable to fraud and integrity risks in many aspects. Embezzlement by employees, manipulation of financial statements or other illegal acts by its employees can result in major asset loss. SECURECHECK360 can devise a comprehensive background check by investigating an applicant’s background to help ensure a good hire for you and a safe visit for your customers.

    SECURECHECK360’s recommended hospitality pre employment screening package can help you make quick decisions while providing top talent utilizing our effective and flexible solutions designed to enhance our clients’ security and operations. We understand the nature of the business and offer a cost effective pricing plan.

    Our most common popular products for your industry:

    • Investigative Search Products
    • Criminal Records Search
    • Drug Screening

    SECURECHECK360 understands you may have certain requirements specific to your organization. We can customize a product package that will address this need.


    Maintaining workplace safety is critical for non-profit organizations and statistics show increasingly that background screening protocol is being compromised- largely due to cost considerations. We have conducted thousands of background screenings for the non- profit industry while keeping their costs to a minimum. Taking a short cut in this process is not a viable option. SecureCheck360 provides a comprehensive criminal background check exclusive to the non-profit industry.


    Our recommended non-profit criminal background check package can help you make sure you choose the most qualified candidates to achieve your goals as well as minimize negligent hiring lawsuits. This package is significantly discounted for qualified non- profits and includes:

    • 电脑代理ip软件免费版
    • County Criminal Report
    • National Criminal Report


    Staffing agencies face special challenges when implementing employee screening programs. With the pressure to hire many employees in a short amount of time and the competitive environment of the industry, staffing firms need timely screenings at a reasonable cost. We have the solution!

    SecureCheck360 provides a package designed for the staffing industry. This package is cost effective and timely, enabling hiring managers to make fast and effective hiring decisions. We understand that each and every one your clients’ needs may be different so we devised a background screening architecture customized to each one of your clients product needs.

    • Criminal Search Products
    • Investigative Products
    • Credentials
    • Motor Vehicle Reports
    • Drug Screening
    We would love to hear from you



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